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From My Garden. Photography. 8.20.2017

This spring when peonies bloomed, I began a series of photographs, From My Garden, inspired by the delicacy and translucence of the flowers. Spending part-time in the country is something I adore, but I’m no gardener. Somehow, though, the most Read More

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Insta. NYC Spring. 5.25.2017

This week as I walked around the city, I paused at brownstone and building gardens to photograph flowers with my phone. Maybe I needed beauty more this week. And I found it. These images required no filters, and, from them, Read More

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No Ban No Wall. NYC. 1.31.2017

Washington Square Park. NO BAN Protest. 1.25.2017 Where Is Justice  

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Post Election. The Blog. 1.31.2017

To be alive in times of trouble, in times of chaos, in times of uncertainty. Throughout my life, I’ve wondered if I could do what so many before me have done, could I be useful if called upon? From a Read More

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NYC. Prince. 4.21.2016

“Sometimes it snows in April.” All Love. Prince. Instagram. Prince St. NYC. Photo: me

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NYC. Day/Night Spring. 3.15.2016

You will find art in museums and on street corners, in parks and in theaters. The city writes its poetry everyday on sidewalks, dances its dream in sunlight and on stages. Find your way. Find your beauty. It’s here. Central Read More

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Early Spring. City/Country. 3.15.2016

Last week, the season turned suddenly, winter tipping into an early spring. The icy ponds and creeks melted, and New York City parks and upstate picnic spots brimmed with sun-seekers. These photographs, shot last week, celebrate the end of winter’s Read More

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Quick NYC Notes. Patti Smith at Robert Miller Gallery. 1.4.2016

Photo, Patti Smith’s Writing On The Wall, from my Instagram post last night. She told a couple of us that she decided to write on the gallery wall because she likes to deface public property. Then she smiled. Patti Smith Read More

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NYC. NIght. 10.22.2014

Last night I was out with just my iPhone scouting locations for NYC Night. The public parks series is ongoing. There’s something poetic about subways.

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@Medium. Writing. 11.26.2013

One of the minds behind Twitter, @ev, has created Medium. A platform for writing, obviously aiming for something more than the quickly-written content on Facebook, Medium offers an editing function and posts in a gorgeous format. Check out a couple Read More

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