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Ice. Drawing and Sculpture. 1.16.2016

While many New Yorkers choose to chase warmer climates, the winters in the Catskill region can be thought-provoking for artists with both stark beauty and an incredible softness of light. On hikes this weekend, I found two ice patches, which Read More

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Bowie Posts. City/Country. 1.13.2016

These are posts I made to social media (with links) after the news broke about David Bowie. While they are fragments, I hope they tell a story. I’m based both in NYC and in the Hudson Valley. January, 11 at Read More

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January. Two Poems. 1.13.2016

In snowfall she finds a proper daydream, the past echoing stillness. *** What pulls us to the mountain sky, prayer flags on night stars—tree tops’ soft spires.

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The New Year. Haiku. 1.4.2016

Encouraging other people to write is part of what I do. Lately, I’ve enjoyed talking about poems. Sometimes I say writing haiku is fishing, just like any creative practice, you sit and watch and wait. Once you feel the tug, Read More

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